The primary services offered by Sonet3 are IT outsourcing services. These involve our company taking the full responsibility for ensuring the continuous operation of the customer's computers, software and ICT network. By outsourcing your IT needs to us, you can:

Ø  focus on your core operations to make your business more effective;

Ø  use the expertise of top-tier experts for faster task completion.

Outsourcing the technical maintenance of your computer hardware and data will help to protect you against the severe losses that can occur while using IT systems. Our company employs highly qualified professionals to ensure continuous and quality service. At the same time, we guarantee, by contract, confidentiality of all the administrative processes and data you share with us.

Under the contract, our experts can provide professional consultancy services, participate in the deployment of new IT systems or support third-party deployments. Our offer also includes employee training programmes on computer skills, office productivity software, basic Internet skills, etc. The contract can also include the maintenance of existing or installation of new servers running Windows, FreeBSD or Novell Netware operating systems. To minimise potential losses due to failure or other factors, we offer a wide range of IT system security solutions.

With an outsourcing agreement, we can guarantee extremely favourable prices on all types of computer hardware (computers, printers, servers, network devices, etc.) and software. In our view, a permanent cooperation contract has the following benefits:

Ø  no costs of employing an IT specialist on a permanent basis (social insurance contributions, payroll tax, training costs, etc.),

Ø  continuity of services (regardless of sick leaves and holidays),

Ø  tax-deductible service fees,

Ø  precise cost planning thanks to a fixed monthly fee,

Ø  shorter task completion times,

Ø  option to renegotiate the contract, e.g. after every 6 months,

Ø  significantly cheaper work-hour compared to recruiting an extra employee,

Ø  fast response to service requests,

Ø  highly skilled and qualified team of IT professionals,

Ø  opportunity to buy computer hardware at a discount.