In practice, buying a server involves a number of strategic and high-responsibility decisions. Several aspects must be taken into consideration:

Choosing the right hardware:

Ø  type and size of the casing,

Ø  type of the platform,

Ø  type and number of processors,

Ø  amount of operating memory,

Ø  amount and type of the mass storage system (type of drives, type and configuration of the RAID array, etc.),

Ø  number of power supply units,

Ø  type and number of network cards,

Ø  other extra equipment;

Choosing the operating system:

Ø  Unix systems (Linux, FreeBSD and others),

Ø  a Microsoft Windows system,

Ø  other systems;


Security system:

Ø  uninterruptible power supply,

Ø  security policy,

Ø  data backup and archiving.

To learn more about our offer, consult our experts, who will help you to choose the solution that best fits your needs.




As a server supplier, we are a commercial partner of Intel and have extensive experience in selling Intel servers. We also cooperate with other suppliers. Our primary server hardware partners include:

Ø  Intel


Ø  Dell

Ø  Fujitsu

Every server offer we make is based on an analysis of the customer's needs. An ill-suited offer means unnecessary costs, as most small businesses do not need powerful, multi-processor servers, but a smaller machine that will serve as a file server for several workstations. On the other hand, a server that is not powerful enough will soon require expansion, or a completely new machine will be needed.


Our specialists will assist you in determining your needs and suggest a solution that is optimal in every respect.


Mass storage systems


Our offer also includes a wide range of mass storage products. They are often part of server solutions, but sometimes storage needs are so specific or so large that more attention should be paid to preparing the mass-storage subsystem. In many cases, an existing network or server requires additional mass storage. Our range includes products from well-known and respected manufacturers, such as:

Ø  RAID controllers – ATA, SATA, SCSI and SAS from AMCC 3Ware, Adaptec, LSI Logic and Promise Technology,

Ø  professional hard drives (all technologies) from Fujitsu, Hitachi and WD,

disk matrices, NAS and SAN equipment from Infortrend, Ardata, Promise Technology, Adaptec, Qlogic and others,

Ø  Tape libraries and autoloaders from Tandberg Data, Overland Storage and HP,

Ø  software from Veritas Software and CA.

The list includes just the most popular and frequently purchased products. If you have any additional questions regarding our offer, contact us.


Uninterruptible power supply


Despite their growing reliability, energy providers cannot guarantee 100 per cent continuous supply of power. Unpredictable weather conditions or human errors also make it necessary to provide extra protection of IT systems, especially servers, disk arrays and computers, against unexpected power outages. A sudden outage or overvoltage event can trigger hardware failure, leading to loss of data and downtime of IT systems.

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) protect against power outages and overvoltage, and can correct power supply parameters.


Our offer includes equipment from well-known brands:


Ø  MGE UPS Systems

Ø  Fideltronik

Ø  Ever

We provide professional technical consultancy services to help our customers select the right power supply. For power supplies featuring a serial port or USB port to enable communication with a computer or server, we offer assistance with the installation of the necessary utility software. Such software can monitor mains parameters and turn off a computer of server in the event of a prolonged power outage. Automatic system shut-down will help to avoid the risk of damaging hardware or losing data.


Our range of services also includes the configuration of several servers or computers to work with a single UPS, so that multiple systems connected to a single power supply can be shut down.