We have always been particularly focused on providing professional services related to computer networks, and especially the Internet.


Our offer includes a variety of Internet-related services and products, from connection assistance to domains, email and virtual web servers to dedicated Internet servers.


Installation of an Internet connection


Internet access is now practically indispensable for businesses, institutions and individuals alike. We can carry out a detailed analysis of the available Internet connectivity options. We will recommend the best solution for you, pilot the whole procedure and provide the necessary network equipment (routers, access points, etc.).


Our services include in particular:

Ø  analysing needs – to determine what connection the customer needs (bandwidth, symmetrical or asymmetrical connection, transmission technology, additional parameters),

Ø  conducting a market research with regard to Internet providers and selecting the best offer,

Ø  monitoring the connection installation process,

Ø  installing and configuring the network equipment necessary for Internet connectivity (a router, switch, etc.),

Ø  if necessary, configuring computers within the local network to enable Internet access.